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Man United has a thrill! Paris Saint-Germain vying for Hoilund signature

Paris Saint-Germain is ready to beat Manchester United in the signing of Rasmus Hoilund.

Manchester United can no longer complacent for the goalscoring star Rasmus Hoilund. The Atalanta striker, whenrecently there was a tank money team like Paris Saint-Germain. That appear with the scramble for players to reinforce the army

The Hoilund link with Manchester United has going on since midway through last season. After the 20-year-old spearhead burst into form, breaking the net 5 goals in the first 2 matches of the Danish national team.

There are also periodic reports that Eric Ten Hag, the Red Devils coach. Seriously interested in the Danish striker. But had to wipe the sweat as well as the price wall. That Atalanta had set up to 80 million euros, even though it was bought from Sturm Graz at a low price of 17 million euros.

Recently ufabet a famous journalist Update on the situation of Hoilund, stating that the player “It remains Manchester United’s main objective in their search for a new striker.”

The report added that Regarding personal contracts. Players have no problems. When a 20-year-old spear who has pressed 10 goals for the agency in the latest season is a Manchester United fan and wants to move to Old Trafford as a capital.

However, “Manchester United has not submitted the first official offer in any way. With only preliminary negotiations when the task is to close the deal for the new goalkeeper. However, the Red Devils cannot be complacent because “PSG is another team interest in Hoilund.”

However, PSG, the new era of Luis Enrique, has already grabbed 5 new players and is expecte to not close the job easily. Especially if losing Kylian Mbappe or Neymar moves out, there will be a new striker to replace.