Liverpool care? Bayern ready lose Mane loss price

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Liverpool care? Bayern ready to lose Mane at a loss price

Bayern Munich have decided not to keep Sadio Mane and are willing to sell for a massive loss of £17m.

The beer city media hit the news Bayern Munich decided to make a decisive decision not to keep Sadio Mane, the Senegal winger, for next season. Which is ready to sell at a loss of 17 million pounds after buying from Liverpool for almost 30 million pounds last summer

To be grabbed into the Allianz Arena to represent Robert Lewandowski. It appears that in addition to the 31-year-old star player not producing good results, playing 38 matches, only 12 goals, there is still a controversy with the side of Leroy Sane, the German national team.

The sale of Mane has been in the news since last season. And has periodically link with Premier League clubs including Newcastle United, Chelsea and Liverpool. With Mane’s top-notch form at Anfield scoring 120 goals in six years.

According to สมัคร ufabet Bayern have decided to sell Mane to raise funds for Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur for just £17 million. Even though it was purchase for £27.5 million.

Bayern are willing to let their players return to the Premier League or the Pro League in Saudi Arabia. But the latter option is also something players must agree on in order to leave Europe.