UEFA confirmed qualifiers between Andorra and England will continue

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UEFA has confirmed that the World Cup qualifiers between Andorra and England on Saturday will continue as planned. Despite a shocking fire at the home’s national stadium.

The fire broke out in a scaffold adjacent to the stadium while Sky Sports reporter. Rob Dorsett was reporting and broadcasting live.

World Cup

Dorsett was updating the Andorra home stadium’s artificial turf and suddenly a fire broke out. With black smoke rising from the fire to the apartment not far away.

Firefighters arrived at the scene within minutes and managed to control such incidents successfully

when the smoke goes down Apparently. There was damage to the scaffolding and VAR screen

Although there are initial doubts as to whether the game will continue or not. Most recently the Andorra Football Federation said the match would not be affected. And that story has been confirmed by UEFA.

What has been said?

“No personal harm has been reported, only material damage,” a spokesperson for the Andorran Football Federation stated.

“The schedule will continue as planned and the match will go ahead.”

The spokesperson did not add as to whether there would have to be any further considerations for external factors. Such as crowds and television broadcast, for the match.

What happened in World Cup Andorra and England earlier?

Shortly after teams had held their press conferences ahead of their encounter on Saturday. The stadium picture in flames, caught on a live broadcast by Sky Sports News.

The fire, apparently confined to a single side of the field. That appeared to engulf the television gantry used for broadcast and the pitchside monitor used for VAR decisions.

Fire crews were quick to the scene and the blaze was brought under control before it spread any further