Sevilla 1-2 Arsenal: Issues after the UEFA Champions League game. 

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Sevilla 1-2 Arsenal: Issues after the UEFA Champions League game. The match was close but end with three points

  • Arsenal are top of the group after three games.
  • Arsenal win away game in Spain for first time since 2019

Arsenal languished late in the game. But were still good enough to finish with three points in Ramon Sanchez Pijuan and put them back top of Champions League Group B after three games. Report from

Arsenal – Sevilla – Jose Antonio Reyes

This match has become intertwined with one former player from both teams, Jose Antonio Reyes being a Sevilla legend. Who led the team to many successes as youths. Who went out to travel the world before returning to the club again Reyes had two and a half years in England with Arsenal. As captain of the team’s unbeaten run in the 2003-2004 season, his death in 2019 brought sorrow to both clubs. And every time the two teams meet, he will always be remembered.

Intense field games and Arsenal’s struggle to survive

Today’s game, despite sporadic rain falling But the game on the field is very intense. Each side has their own rhythm. This Sevilla team plays with fierceness. And has highly experienced players in the European arena while arsenal. It’s a young energetic team. little experience But we play with determination. The games therefore come out very similar.

However, during the time when Sevilla scored a goal, they were able to break the ice. Make the game situation better for the home team. They continued their offensive game. and play to the cheers in the exciting stadium. But the problem was that they didn’t have enough finishing moments. While Arsenal bought into the defense late on with a number of close plays. But was not punished and earned the team three points

Tomiyasu top form – Sumare resurrecte

Support line for the Japanese national team Started this season as a reserve returning from a long injury. and is a reserve of Oleksandr Zinchenko. Before gradually returning from strong play. and strive until returning with good results and is the starting player in this game, while Sumare has somewhat disappeared from the spotlight. From his performance that dropped a lot during his time with Leicester City who sent him on loan to play in Spain. And today he proved that he is back in top form again.

Jesus’ injury

Arsenal has big bad news: a hamstring injury for the Brazilian striker, who today is in excellent form with one goal and one assist. But had to be immediately substituted at the end of the second half. which even though they were able to walk off the field by themselves But it’s definitely not good news for the team. And must continue to wait for news of injury assessment.

Halfway through the group stage, the Gunners were top of the table. Sevilla were working hard.

The first three games of the group stage are finished, with Arsenal leading the group and there will be another three games of the round with two of the final three home games being played. That makes them increase their chances of qualifying even more than before, while Sevilla has only 2 points from three games. They will have to work hard if they want to advance in the remaining time. which will have to play two away games together in the remaining competition schedule