Luka Modric gave the boss “Anche” change all the backups.

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Luka Modric Man of the Match from Real Madrid’s 2-3 defeat to Chelsea in extra time. But reached the semi-finals of the Champions League with a total of 5-4 goals. Praise the veteran of trainer Carlo Ancelotti that he used the replacement quota effectively. All of which are caused by long-accumulated experiences.

When the score was 0-2 behind ‘ Ance ‘ chose Eduardo Camawinga ‘s best goal to replace Toni Kroos in the 73rd minute , the situation did not improve 0-3 for Marcelo and Ro. Drigo came to add whiz on the edge of the line, 78 minutes. Until the egg UFABET was successfully broken after 2 minutes .  

When he got a satisfactory goal 1-3 to drag the game until extra-time, it changed Lucas Vazquez, who was more agile than Nacho, down to right-back in the 88th minute and the final quota in the 115th minute when the score was 2-3 crows. Run hit the semifinals . Dani Ceballos came down to close the middle and took off Vinicius Jr. , who was exhausted to rest.  

When sequentially, the 36 – year-old army commander, more and more Suhok Ancelotti. That the subject of high-level game experience money can’t buy.

Modric opened his mouth. 

“ The coach made great substitutions. Then the reserve that comes down does a good job. They influence the game. ”  

“ Above all, the experience that you have been through at this level is very important. It helped the team a lot last night. ”

“ We have to appreciate Chelsea because we knew from the end of the first leg that last night’s game was going to be tough. Because I see this as a difficult team to deal with. Follow up often because a close friend of the younger generation like Mateo Kovacic also plays football. ” 

“ They are sly , strong and tenacious. I know how the game closes job is rocky and true as expected. ”

“ It was a sweet setback. If you want to be the champion of this tournament Must defeat all teams that stand in the way. For us, getting to the semi-finals is very important. Let’s wait and see. From now on, enjoy the game on Wednesday who will be the next round of competitors. “

Madrid will wait to meet the winner between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City, with the first leg having a 1-0 advantage.