Liverpool 2-2 Arsenal: Collected after the big Premier League game

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Liverpool 2-2 Arsenal: Collected after the big Premier League game. The big match, the big guns have not won at Anfield for 10 years.

Visit to Anfield Remains slang for Arsenal for one more season. When they can take the lead before two goals. But was unable to collect three points out. This was thanks to Aaron Ramsdale. Who made a late skirmish save before the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

here at Anfield

It’s another season where Arsenal visit Anfield liverpool in the Premier League. And are unable to return with a 10th successive victory. After having won the last time in the 2012-13 season. The field that stirred up the home team for 90 minutes. And almost made them win this game. even after two goals

5 star boiling game

This game can say in one word. That if football fans miss watching live. This would pity because during 90 minutes there was almost no time to breathe. With a picture of a game in which the visiting team needs 3 points. And is an invasion leading 0-2. But the home team does not give up, has the courage to beat the egg before the end of the first half. Chasing it to 1-2 before folding the field to invade in the second half, which Arsenal players are turbulent, the kind that just asks for the ball to be far from the most dangerous area. While Liverpool attack and finish many times, some not sharp, some stuck, some saved. At the end of the game it was 2-2, splitting the points in such a fun way. That they were excited until their hearts would have a heart attack on one side.

Arsenal on the day of “losing his head”

This was certainly one of Arsenal’s worst games of the season. Despite the score back out. But the picture of the game in the first half and the second half is different, like the sky and the abyss. From a team that has become an aggressive game. Become a team that has to be heavy on defensive games And it was even more clearly emphasized. When replacing Yakub Kiwior, the Polish defensive line, who hoped to keep the score. And in the end everything was broken.

Heavy game awakens the Reds

For the first 30 minutes, Liverpool form in this game is worse than the relegation escape team. Chasing, grinding, chasing, chasing, chasing, chasing, chasing, chasing, chasing, chasing, chasing, on one side until being taken first 0-2 without form, even an uncomfortable game shape plus a score that leads away That could be a factor for the Reds to start playing with more anger and seriousness. Which turned out to be a good result that completely changed the game image. They enter the ball aggressively, have extra balls, have nibbles, strike with fury, positive, positive until able to turn the game into a side that dwarfs the visiting team in a deadpan way. And when the door hit the egg, the heart came. After that, the game was in their control until the end of 90 minutes.

Salah missed a penalty (again)

Of course, Mo Salah is still Liverpool number 1 hope at this time. But even though he has a score. But today his finishing form was very disappointing as there were many close chances. That could have been better, especially the penalty shot off the post in the same corner that missed the kill and lost to Bo. Bournemouth in mid-March In addition, the shot was lucky that Henderson shot the wrong way into the way. can be a door It would be a dream to win the championship of the big guns quite enough.

Ramsdale helps Arsenal stay on track

In addition to Gabriel Martinelli or Gabriel Jesus, who have outstanding form in this game There is another person who can’t be mentioned that is Aaron Ramsdale, who today saves his gloves almost torn. In which he has a beautiful flying stroke that can help the team at least 4 important times, especially at the end of the game when he is pressed hard on one side, but he still controls his sanity to prevent almost all difficult children, even in the end the team can only 1 point but the fact that the English stopper has kept the team from defeat means they still have a slight advantage on their pursuit of a league title that looks rosy.

The situation to win the championship that was thrilling immediately.

Arsenal’s 1 point in this game puts them 6 points ahead of Manchester City. But the Gunners have play more than 1 game, meaning that if City wins in the remaining game, the points will be only 3 points behind, but now the Blues There is a goal difference – better than 5 goals, so the championship deciding game will be on April 27th as soon as Arsenal will invade the Etihad Stadium, the home of Manchester City, which match. Call it a Premier League final, so it wouldn’t be wrong. The advantage of the small cannon is that the sailboat is still on the way to win the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup, especially the European Cup that Pep focuses on first. Maybe that’s why they’re tired or maybe they need a rest for some games and they stumble on their own feet