Leicester show form equal to the price of the reigning champions.

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Leicester show form equal to the price of the reigning champions despite the lack of important players almost in the whole team. By opening the home defeat Watford 4-1 through to the fourth round of the FA Cup successfully.

English FA Cup Third Round Football

Leicester (Premier League) 4

Watford (Premier League) 1

Stadium: King Power Stadium

Opening the game for just 8 minutes. The home team got a penalty from the stroke of a corner kick that Maddison opened. While Sierra pulled Westerguard. Fell in the penalty area causing the referee to blow a penalty immediately. And be Yuri Tielemans who was responsible for killing without making mistakes. Leicester lead quickly 1-0.

The Foxes then escaped 2-0 in the 25th minute from the moment Albrighton intercepted the ball before thrusting the ball through the hole for Lukeman to tap and flick into Maddison. Chipped over Buckmann’s head, he entered the door UFABET

But just two minutes later, Watford came in 2-1 from the moment Fletcher tapped the ball for Joao Pedro to drop into a one-man duel with Ward, before he crossed his head in the goal. 

In the first half, 45+2 minutes, Watford almost equalized the moment when Enkakia touched away Leicester players on the right side before flowing to Cucho Hernandez to press too. right, but still goes to Danny Ward’s safe 

Ending the first half, Leicester show form

Come back to the game in the second half, starting just 2 minutes, as the visiting team invaded first until there was a chance before the moment that Joao Pedro pulled up before flowing to Tufan, pressed with the left in the penalty area, but the ball also fell out of the frame 

But the host doesn’t give up easily. Came to get the goal, leaving a distance of 3-1 in the 56th minute from the moment that Maddinson sent the ball out to Lukeman on the right before the referred cut back in for Barnes to fall into the basket with the right side. Kmann enters the door. 

Then in the 60th minute, Leicester’s stadium had a power outage in the stadium causing the game to be interrupted for about 5 minutes before the game resumed.

Later in the 71 minutes. The visiting team almost hit the goal. From the moment that the ball was placed in the penalty area. Cucho cut it to Dan Gosling, touched one stroke back to Joao Pedro ran to the right. The ball hit a player Lester bounced off and hit the crossbar unfortunately.

79 minutes, the home team almost got the fourth ball. From the stroke of a free-kick on the right side that Maddison opened for Lukeman’s way, nudged the ball to change the way. It’s a pity that the ball is slightly above the crossbar. 

Late in the game in the 85th minute, Leicester escaped 4-1 from the moment Barnes slipped up to the left before slashing into Maddison’s path, allowing Lukeman to fire the first shot to save. Kmann came into the way, Albrighton pressed with a full right into the goal.

Ending the game, Leicester defeated Watford 4-1 in the fourth round to fight for the next championship.