Grade the player Liverpool-Arsenal, Premier League game

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Grade the player Liverpool-Arsenal, Premier League game, last night’s 2-2 draw – Player Ratings.

Liverpool player ratings

Alisson Becker – 6/10

Was test hard in the first 30 minutes. There was a moment. When I had to exert some energy to save. The two goals that lost almost completely lost Arsenal. While there was not much work to do in the second half, there were Arsenal some beautiful moments to cut the ball outside the box.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 7/10

At the beginning of the game, Martinelli was heavily pierce, even changing the style to focus on the heavy game, performing better. Especially in the second half. Who dragged into the penalty area to open for Firmino to strike at the end of the game

Virgil van Dijk – 5/10

Had a hard test early in the game and had some problems. Contributed to the error as the origin of both goals. Where the first ball pushed to one day with Martinelli, drop to shoot and the second ball was separated until Jesus took a free strike.

Ibrahima Konate – 6/10

Like Van Dijk, who faced hard work in the early stages. But today there is still enough speed and strength to duel with the offensive line. The artillery is evenly matched, and at the end of the game he still almost scored the winning goal, but did not pass Ramsdale’s hand.

Andy Robertson – 6/10

Dealing with Bukayo Saka so well to a certain extent that it makes the British national team star play quite difficult There was a chance to slip solo into the penalty area, but instead shot too much focus that he was out of the frame.

Jordan Henderson – 6/10

Keeping control of the game in the middle of the field in the first period, focusing on defensive games But after the team set up the game, it coordinated well on the starboard side with Salah in believing in the game along the line, with 1 assist from the wrong shot. The ball reached Salah with a broken egg shot.

grade the player

Fabinho – 6/10

At first, I couldn’t catch the rhythm. Being hit by flexibility the offensive line. Arsenal played a fair amount. But after doing better in cleaning up the midfield. There are some beautiful ball dropping moments to seen.

Curtis Jones – 6/10

keep connecting the game in the middle of the left side. There are some beautiful rhythms inserted in front. Helping to chase the ball in the middle of the game in the second half.

Cody Gakpo – 5/10 

keep the ball in the frontcourt But today the role with the game is quite small. Being sandwiched so that I can’t do anything very well

Diogo Jota – 5/10

Like Kakpo, at first it had little to do with the game. But still enough to tear off the edge of the line to pull some articulation

Mo Salah – 7/10

He is the person who seems to have the most chances in the team, scoring 1 goal from a close shot that breaks the egg. But after that, both missed the penalty and the timing was unfortunately shot at the end of the game.


Thiago Alcantara – 6/10 : (Replacing Jones, n.60)

come down to play a role with the midfield game Keep out the ball, drop the ball from deep. There are rhythms that come down to help the defensive game many times.

Darwin Nunez – 5/10 : (replacing Jota, n.60)

Use the turbulent speed, support line, artillery well, but the original problem is still unresolved, namely the sharpness that today dropped solo, but shot to save without a chance to win in the second half.

Bobby Firmino – 7/10 : (replacing Fabinho, n.78)

Klopp’s best card that comes down to connect the game from the middle to the front He is also the one who strikes the equalizer for the team at the end of the game.

Arsenal player ratings

Aaron Ramsdale – 8/10
Played 4 great saves as the protagonist in this game. Especially at the end of the game, he was hit hard, but still helped the team get a point back.

Ben White – 5/10
Role in the game is quite small today. The offensive game in the early game doesn’t play much. As for today’s defensive game, from losing a yellow card so early that we had to play more carefully And still spreading far enough to jump, Firmino rips away and can strike the

equalizer Rob Holding – 5/10
It’s clearly not calm enough when under heavy pressure, despite having a nice catch. some, but today there are personal mistakes to be seen as well

Gabriel Magalhaes – 6/10
Hard work from the end of the first half onwards. Plus at the end of the game, you have to move out to stand on the edge more to deal with Salah and Trent who invade the game hard.

Oleksandr Zinchenko – 6/10
Had a chance to try to shine early in the game but was saved. After that, they had to deal with Salah and Trent who constantly attacked that way. In which he was partly responsible for the equalizing goal that allowed Trent to easily drag through and open.

grade the player

Thomas Partey – 6/10
Controlling the midfield well in the early stages Arsenal. Gradually shoot the ball, clear the middle of the field. But after that , he couldn’t find the ball until he had to step back to help the defender again
But today I didn’t play much with the ball. Still having trouble controlling emotions until the game boils from a stroke with Trent at the end of the first half.

Martin Odegaard – 6/10
Keeping the game in the front has some role in the first half hour. But after that, he received less balls and had to chase the ball to help the defensive game instead.

Gabriel Jesus – 7/10
Using his unique abilities to create chances for the team to stand out, scored 1 goal from the rhythm of the header to give the team a 2-0 lead, but then had to step back to help the defensive game and wait. Take the ball forward in the counter.

Gabriel Martinelli – 8/10
Speed ​​and agility create problems for the Reds defense well. There are 1 goal and 1 assist in this game. Unfortunately at the end of the game, the opportunity to counter-attack didn’t do well enough in the final moments

Bukayo Saka – 5/10
Today is consider relatively quiet compare to both Martinelli and Che. Zeus has found space well. But the ball doesn’t come much.