Gareth Southgate praises young winger Jadon Sancho

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England manager Gareth Southgate praises young winger Jadon Sancho for showing good form. And there were two assists from 72 minutes on the field in the win over Andorra.

Southgate showed confidence in Sancho when he picked up the starting line. And was on the field for 72 minutes in the 5-0 win over Andorra on Saturday. Although this season with the new agency Manchester United into the field a little. because the play form has not yet entered the way.

Gareth Southgate praises young winger Jadon Sancho

“It’s not easy for a winger in a game like this. Because often you receive the ball with two or maybe three defenders closely facing each other.”

“So you have to choose the right time to open the ball or play by yourself. Maybe pull out one or two of those couplers. I think he did well a lot of times.”

Regarding his performances at Manchester United, Southgate said: “We should not be surprised at the young players who have made great changes in their lives.”

“A new league, a new club, a different style of play. Different training system Coming back to life in Manchester, moving house and everything around me. It’s a lot of things to do.”

“So it takes time. But he showed all the qualities he had. And I know it will happen with the club as well,” Southgate said.