Danny Blind has pointed Manchester United without the uniqueness

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Ajax legend Danny Blind has pointed out that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has made Manchester United the team’s attack without the uniqueness of the club.

         Despite the addition of a dangerous attacking line this season, the team’s offensive game hasn’t flared up as it should. The father of ex-United Daley Blind has pointed out that the “Red Devils” attack is lacking in organization and unable to deal with opponents.

         “What is the identity of the Manchester United team? What is the plan? That’s what was lost under Solskjaer,” Blind said.

         “Without tactics His team cannot put pressure on opponents like Manchester City, it is not always necessary to put pressure on them. But we don’t see it – everything in the United team depends on the player’s personal abilities.

         “They have that potential and always get results for the team. But it was never the outcome of the team. It doesn’t look good in many games. United have a problem with dominance – that’s the whole problem.”

Danny Blind has pointed Manchester United without the uniqueness

After a spectacular reinforcement arrangement last summer, with Manchester United grabbing a number of new stars including Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Varane and manager Jadon Sancho. The weak front team is expected to lead the team in pursuit of success fully.

Still, it’s good, even though the new season doesn’t start soon. Candy has also been cursed by Red Devils fans, displeased with the club’s performance under him. With the Old Trafford side winning just two of their last six in all competitions. Remained in fourth in the Premier League table and third in the table Champions League group stage

For this reason, the Red Devils supporters called for the club to replace the manager. But there was no response, with the board reiterating the same strong voice that Solskjaer was the right man and deserved a long-term career.