Aaron Ramsey has pointed that Juventus lack of understanding

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Juventus midfielder Aaron Ramsey has pointed out that the club’s philosophy. They lack of understanding have prevented him from pursuing good form.

         The Wales midfielder scored a goal for Wales the in their 2-2 draw. With the Czech Republic in their World Cup qualifiers on Friday night. Which referred to always have a good performance while serving the country In contrast to the performance at the club level. That has not shown good form since joining the team in 2019 and is almost always on the reserve.

         While “Zebra” has to pay wages of 18,867 euros per minute even without playing. Ramsey sees that with philosophy and lack of understanding. It is not possible to fully harness the potential of the agency.

Aaron Ramsey has pointed that Juventus lack of understanding

         “The philosophies and training practices at Juve are different compared to the practices of the Wales national team,” Ramsey told Calciomercato.

         “In the national team there are people who have worked with me for many years and know how to bring out the best. It allows me to play as many games in a row as I showed at Euro 2020.”

         “I feel good when it’s handled properly and when I’m playing regularly. When I play at a high level I want to rest more. And recover during the week instead of spending a lot of time on the pitch causing fatigue in the next games.”

        “Rejuvenation is very important to me.”